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Things should get interesting now.  < grabs popcorn >



how to cut down on an enormous chunk of illegal downloading, and this is so absurdly simple that it boggles the mind:

  • make your show / movie / whatever accessible online.
  • put ads on it so you can make money off of it, or sell a subscription to a competitive streaming service like netflix.
    • make it available
    • everywhere, meaning the country of origin and everywhere else
    • as soon as it airs (tv shows) / becomes legally available to purchase (films &cet).  not a week and a half later, not three days later, not the next morning.  as soon as.   people who are savvy about internet downloading and things are generally going to be the sort of people who hang out online and want to talk about their favorite shows as soon as they happen with their friends who are in that timezone/country.  you’ll cut down on a shitton of downloading if you just make things available legally faster.
    • square yourselves with the idea that in this age of high definition and internet streaming that seeing a film in a cinema is a premiumservice and should not be relied upon as a primary method of distribution.

     #this is why the illegality of piracy does not bother me #it is a necessary form of civil disobedience #it is digital revolution #if you cannot AFTER OVER TWENTY YEARS make an effort to adapt your business model #you do not deserve to be spared

“Back when we were dating, Robin and I had this running joke. We were the only two people in the world who found it funny.”

This is the type of humor I love. I have no idea what the show is tho.

THIS occurred at a SCHOOL meeting where a discussion (yea right) about whether or not to appeal the prayer banner would happen.

Any way to show this to the judge that ruled on this case?
WTH is this, a prayer revival?
Such hostility.

I just heard about this young girl. This is one powerful video!


The Plague Of Gay Marriage In Iowa

Well, gay marriage has been legal here in Iowa for going on three years now, and just as FOX News predicted, traditional marriage has all but ceased to exist in the Hawkeye state.

The sinister influence of the gay agenda has spread through Iowa…

Completely missed this last night while watching the game. Since when did the NFL become the Christian Football League?

Brainwashing-just absolute brainwashing.
Eternal life my ass.

I LOVE this!!!

I LOVE this!!!